2020 Evergreen Decorating

Evergreen Decorating Bar

CLICK HERE to reserve a flexible time slot (no pre-payment this year as cost will vary with projects)

We are looking forward to seeing you this upcoming holiday season and helping you deck your doorstep with beautiful, easy care evergreen planters and wreaths. New this season will be our evergreen decorating bar that will allow more flexibility and compliance than our usual workshops gave us. Guests will pre-register for a time slot to allow adequate supply and avoid overcrowding. Pre-payment is not needed, and you may change your reservation at any time.

Join family and friends for a fun project! Although we will not have our traditional demonstration portion this year, staff are available if you should need assistance. Green Barn designers will prepare planters and wreaths in advance with more size and style options. You can choose your favorite un-decorated planter and/or wreath of fresh greens when you arrive. There will be a large area with decorations to choose from and you will dress up your greenery a la carte style. A separate area in our large greenhouse will be set up for you to work on your masterpiece. We will have many examples and pointers available for inspiration.

If you have a private group, we have several private areas in the greenhouse that you can reserve. Please select a time slot for the space. Private groups can have 10-25 people. E-mail kelsey@greenbarngardencenter.com to reserve a private space.

If you are looking to decorate your own planters at home, we will also be offering take home “kits” with the greens needed for an average size planter.

A few changes due to COVID:

  • We ask that you leave your personal decorations at home. We will allow you to bring your own pre-cut birch and can assist with inserting (also available to purchase). If you would like to work on your project with your own items, you may leave space to add those later, or consider taking your planter home to decorate. You can even create your own decorating party!
  • Please stay home if you feel sick, have a fever, or are coughing.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you, other customers, and staff
  • Wear a mask in the greenhouse and store.

The evergreen decorating bar will be available Wednesday-Sunday with time slots of 9am-10:30am, 10:30am-noon, noon-1:30pm, and 1:30pm-3pm beginning November 7th and run thru November 29th. Dates may be extended based on supply.

Private group can reserve November 7th-29th at 9:30am-11am, 11am-12:30pm, 12:30pm-2pm, and 2pm-3:30pm.

We may add other projects for the end of November-early December time frame based on material availability.

There will be no live demonstration giving you a little flexibility on your arrival time, BUT remember you must have your project complete by the end of your reserved time range. There will be a base cost for the undecorated item and additional charges for the any decorations you select. There is no added fee for the use of the space or staff time. You may preview options at any time during store hours starting the last week of October. Additional decorative items may continue to arrive throughout the season.

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