Sunflower Update

2019 Update:

CLICK HERE for August 23rd Sunflower Photo update

As of August 2rd, the sunflowers in field #1 are blooming and looking great (by highway 65). Fields are set up for visitors starting Monday, August 19th, but check bloom update photos before coming. Blooming should be strong in field #1 the end of the week of August 19th and into the weekend. There is signage leading to a low spot in the field great for photos of people where there are short flowers and tall flowers behind in good bloom as of Monday. 

Field #2 (along the road behind Green Barn) is now blooming strong. This field should last into Labor Day weekend since it started after field #1. You can park in the grass in front of the flowers. This field does have some sandburs along the edge, so be careful!

Posted field guidelines are as follows:

Park in a non-obstructive, safe location to view sunflowers, or where directed (parking signs will be posted in the highway 65 field).

Enter field at your own risk.

Enter ONLY while sunflowers are in bloom.

Be prepared for uneven terrain, sandburs, bees, & potential wildlife. 

You are welcome to view the sunflowers and take photos during daylight hours. If you will need restrooms, you may visit the store, but note store hours are only 9am-6pm and restrooms are not available in the field. 

A $5 per person donation is suggested admission to continue allowing people to enter the fields. There are pay boxes at the field entrances.

We suggest a $1 per sunflower donation in the pay box (next to field guidelines signs at entrance) if you cut a sunflower. Please only cut sunflowers from the back of the field so others can take photos in front! We don't recommend this sunflower variety for cut use since they have pollen, but may be used in photo props or in vases temporarily. These would not be suitable cut flowers for weddings or events. They are black oil type grown for bird seed production. You can buy Green Barn grown sunflower seed for birds in the store throughout the year.

Please respect the fields. You may walk through carefully

Please do not damage the plants or litter in the fields.

You may bring pets for a photo, but there may be sandburs, so be careful! Also watch for neighbor dogs near the field behind Green Barn.

There are 2 Green Barn sunflower fields:

1. West side of Highway 65 across from Green Barn

2. West side of Hastings Street one block east of Highway 65 behind Green Barn.

Check the website for updates-sunflowers typically bloom about 2 weeks. 



2018 Photos from visitors can be viewed HERE.

The sunflower field generally blooms for 2 weeks starting sometime between the end of July-late August, depending on the planting date that year. We have been growing about 5 acres of sunflowers split between 2 fields. We grow sunflowers meant for bird seed and are selling bags in the store to feed your feathered friends. 

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