Sunflower Update

We get many inquiries throughout the year regarding the sunflower field across from Green Barn.  The fields have finished blooming as of August 28th, 2018 and are now closed for visitors. If you have a few favorite photos that you would like shared in our Green Barn Facebook album from your previous visit this year, e-mail and note photo credits to post with the photo.  Photos from visitors can be viewed HERE.

The sunflower field generally blooms for 2 weeks starting sometime between the end of July-mid August, depending on the planting date that year. We have been growing about 5 acres of sunflowers split between 2 fields. We will post updated plans for our 2019 crop when we plant late May-early June. We grow sunflowers meant for bird seed and are selling bags in the store to feed your feathered friends. 

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