Green Barn is always a favorite stop for Mother's Day gifts. We have been working hard to fill up the greenhouse with plants that we have been nurturing for months.  Although many are buying plants Mother's Day week to grab up favorites before they are gone, please remember that Mother's Day often falls before our last average frost, and the night temperatures are still a bit chilly for warm season annuals to be left out.

Some plants do best with 50 degree nights or warmer: Tropicals (hibiscus, mandavilla, dipladania), fuchsia, begonia, coleus, impatiens, sweet potato vine, tomatoes, and peppers are all examples of plants that need warm nights and can become damaged if left out. Give these light by brining them outside during the day and inside at night. Along with protection from the cold, this process will allow the leaves to adjust to the outdoor conditions and develop thicker, strong leaves to handle sun and wind. 

Some plants are frost tolerant and thrive in early spring conditions, preferring to be planted early.  Pansies, alyssum, dianthus, cole crops (cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli), lettuce, onions, seed potatoes, pea seeds are things you can plant now or even late April.  Perennials can fall in this category, but benefit from an adjustment period when planting from greenhouse grown plants. Bringing out during the day and in at night for a week or so benefits perennials when planting in April or early May if frosty temperatures are in the forecast. Trees and shrubs in the outside nursery can be planted as soon as you can dig in the spring! They are at their natural stage of leafing. 

Hanging baskets and small pots of petunias and calibrachoa are cool tolerant, but are best to wait until last average frost date has past (around May 15-20 in this area) to leave out at night. 

Happy plant shopping-it is a great time to get your favorites as long as you keep them safe at night. We hope your moms love our Green Barn grown baskets and plants. We hope to see you soon!