Green Barn

Sunflower Update

Sunflower Fields

We get many inquiries throughout the year regarding the sunflower field across from Green Barn.  Watch this page for updates on the blooming status:

Field One:

The field across from Green Barn on the east side of highway 65  is in bloom.  There are about 50% of the flowers open as of August 12th.  This field is opening fast with the heat!

Field Two:

There is a second field one block east of Green Barn on the east side of Hastings Street.  This field has one small section on the south with manay of blooms opening while the rest of that field is still tightly budded. There may be neighbor dogs present.

Both field should be in full bloom in a week (August 18th) if not sooner.  They seem to be opening very quickly with the heat, so field one will be full bloom during the week likely.

Each field has about 20 rows of sunflowers-about 2 acres each.  This is not a huge field, but is good for portraits and flower photography.  You are welcome to take photos at your own risk.  The field across from Green Barn has a parking area marked to avoid blocking the road.

The sunflowers are black oil type grown for seed production.  They can be used for cut flowers, but are not pollen less.  If you wish to cut a sunflower, there is a donation box in the field.  Guidelines are posted in the field as highlighted below:

Sunflower Field Guidelines (as posted in the field)

If you would like to view the sunflowers, park in a non-obstructive, safe place or in the designated area.

Enter field at your own risk and only during sunflower bloom time.  Be prepared for uneven terrain, sand burs, bees, and potential wildlife.

You are welcome to view the sunflowers and take photos during daylight hours.  Please donate $1 per flower in the field pay box if you cut a sunflower (if picking, try to pick from the middle and back areas as a courtesy to those taking photos).  General donations are also welcome to continue allowing people to enter the field.  These sunflowers are black oil type grown for seed production so are not pollen less.

Please respect the field.  Do not damage the plants or litter in the field.

Check the garden center website homepage for updates during bloom time.  Sunflowers bloom about 2 weeks.