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Workshops & Events


Upcoming Events 2017:

Thank you for attending our early spring classes: Pruning Basics, Miniature & Fairy Gardening, and our New Plant Fashion Show.  Stay tuned for additional classes and workshops throughout the year.  We typically schedule a hydrangea class in August-watch for updates on the date.

2016 November-December Workshops:

Thank you for attending our evergreen patio planter,hanging basket, and kissing ball workshops!   These workshops are now complete.  Join our e-news list for notifications on 2017 workshops.  Check out some of the creations from 2016 on our Facebook page:

Create Your Own Evergreen Patio Planter


workshop planters

Evergreen Winter Hanging Basket Class

Thank you for those who attended our class on November 12th!


 Evergreen Kissing Ball Class