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Workshops & Classes

Thank you for attending our “Hydrangea Palooza” class August 8th, 2015.  We had a great response and will likely offer this class again next summer.


2015 Spring Class Series:

Thank you for attending our free spring classes.  We offered Pruning Basics, Container Gardening For All Seasons, New Plant Fashion Show, and Fairy and Miniature Gardening Basics.

We do not generally offer classes during our busy season in May.  We occasionally offer summer classes so watch your e-news or check our website.


Thank you for attending our 2014 November workshops.  We had several sessions of evergreen patio planter classes and an evergreen hanging basket class that were lots of fun!  We expect to offer evergreen workshops again in 2015 through November.  We expect to have our workshop schedule sometime in September.

Evergreen patio planters











Please e-mail any suggestions for classes or workshops you would like to see offered to: